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About us

About us

Nadia Valma is more than a brand. 

It carries the name, the heart and the soul of Nadia Valma as a designer. Nadia Valma doesn’t have a founded date as nature and creativity,

the two key elements of every collection and every creation, were part of her life-path since her first day in this world. 

The main ingredients of her personality, Travelling and Creativity, become one and create her signature in the jewellery world with the Nadia Valma brand. 

Nature is a miracle itself and it leaves small treasures for us behind, these nature-treasures can be found in every corner in this world.

Especially Greek Islands, is a way for Nadia to freely express herself while exploring them and is the main fountain of raw materials for every design. 

Those small nature-gifts become the inspiration and part of the execution of every handmade piece. 

At the core of the values of the brand is to triumph individuality, to reconnect our souls with our roots and nature and find our inner peace. 

For that… 

Every piece is handcrafted and made to bear emotions and let everyone wearing them feel more comfortable in their own skin. 

Accent our strengths, embrace the so called - weaknesses - and cherish the Uniqueness. 


Pieces that are one-of-a-kind, as we are! 

Pieces that have their-own unique personality, as we have! 

Pieces that can be worn all day, everyday, as we do! 

Pieces inspired by you, for you, as we all want!